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Core Concept

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[Entrepreneurial Spirit]: pioneering and innovative, scientific management, integrity management, pursuiting excellence
[Business Philosophy]: people-oriented,technology leading, environment frendly, benefit to mankind
[Business Objectives]: with high-tech, high-performance products, high standard quality, efficient operation, to establish international energy-saving environmental protection industry benchmark
[Management policy]: sincere for the environmental protection, personnel as the core, system for the protection, quality for life
[Business Purposes]: research and develop the governance and application of new energy technology to provide global future energy solutions.
[Enterprise vision]: to become the world''s leading energy-saving environmental protection industry, so to get more blue sky, more green land, more cleaner water and better human life.
[Enterprise Mission]: committed to green development, recycling and low-carbon development, leading the technological progress, serving energy conservation and environmental protection,  developing clean energy, strengthening the recycling of resources, promoting ecological civilization,  construct for beautiful world.