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Congratulations To Shandong Lvbei For Being Named The 2020 Shandong Province Leader Enterprise

Posted:2020/12/23 0:00:00 Tags: Excellent corporate

Summary Shandong Lvbei For Being Named The 2020 Shandong Province Leader Enterprise

In accordance with the spirit of the "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of Leader Enterprises in Shandong Province" (Lu Gongxinfa [2020] No. 8) and the "Notice on Organizing and Declaring Leader Enterprises in Shandong Province in 2020", the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology took the lead in organizing the development Selection of leader companies in 2020. After rigorous review of multiple procedures such as enterprise application, recommendation by the competent authority, expert review, third-party credit rating, due diligence, and joint final review, the list of leaders in Shandong Province for 2020 was recently announced.  Shandong Lvbei was selected as the 2020 Shandong Provincial Leader Enterprise by virtue of its outstanding achievements in corporate innovation and development. The achievement of this honor indicates that  Shandong Lvbei has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise with good growth potential and a leap-forward development trend.

"Leader enterprise" refers to an enterprise that has entered a high-growth stage, which has the characteristics of fast growth, strong innovation ability, new professional fields, and great development potential. As a cross-industry and diversified technology and manufacturing enterprise,  Shandong Lvbei now has 53 domestic companies, 3 Hong Kong companies, 1 British Cayman company, and 1 American company. There are more than 1,100 employees. It is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, The Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology focus on fostering and supporting large-scale diversified industrial groups integrating intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, software research and development, and intelligent logistics. In order to actively respond to the Made in China 2025 strategic plan and accelerate the pace of conversion between new and old kinetic energy, the Group has vigorously deployed various industries such as intelligent manufacturing, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, film and television media, education and training, and entrepreneurial incubation. Major breakthroughs have been made in cross-border e-commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation.

In recent years, Shandong Lvbei has always adhered to the development strategy of "manufacturing and Internet integration" in its development, vigorously developed industrial supply chain e-commerce, and successfully transformed from a traditional sales model to a modern e-commerce sales model, becoming a boost through the e-commerce information industry The industry model for the successful transformation of traditional enterprises has been at the forefront of the development of the information industry. It has been awarded as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's e-commerce integration innovation demonstration enterprise, China's integration of industrialization and industrialization innovation practice award, Shandong Province's integration of industrialization management system standard implementation pilot enterprise, Shandong Provincial e-commerce demonstration enterprise and Shandong e-commerce outstanding enterprise. Among them, the industrial Internet platform Yikuangyun independently developed and operated by the group was successively rated as the "double innovation" demonstration platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's e-commerce integrated innovation pilot project, the national new information consumption demonstration project, the China Innovative Integration Innovation Practice Award, First prize of the 4th Shandong Province Intelligent Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals, Shandong Province Enterprise Cloud Excellent Industry Cloud Platform, Shandong Province Key E-commerce Platform, Shandong Province Provincial Industrial Internet Platform, Shandong Province "Modern Advantage A number of honors such as the pilot demonstration project of "industrial cluster + artificial intelligence" have made positive contributions to promoting the industrial transformation of the national machinery manufacturing industry!

In the field of enterprise technology innovation,  Shandong Lvbei has invested in the establishment of an enterprise technology center to vigorously implement the intellectual property strategy, through the combination of production, education and research, independent innovation, the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with science and technology, and strengthening the enterprise with talents, and continuously increase scientific research investment and technological innovation , To accelerate the realization of the transformation of new products and new technologies, and to continuously improve the R&D capability and technological innovation level of  Shandong Lvbei. The group has been rated as a demonstration enterprise of manufacturing double innovation platform by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, an outstanding enterprise in China’s machinery industry, and a national "specialization" "Special new" enterprise, Shandong Province Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award Enterprise, Shandong Province Industrial Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise, Shandong Province Science and Technology Enterprise, Shandong Province Innovative Demonstration Enterprise for Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization, Shandong Province "One Enterprise One Technology" Innovative Enterprise, Shandong Province Enterprise technology center, etc. The  Shandong Lvbei Technology Center currently has more than 140 national patents of various types, more than 100 national computer software copyrights, and more than 200 national mining product safety certifications. It has strong comprehensive strength in intelligent product production, research and development and manufacturing.

The award of the 2020 Shandong Provincial Leader Enterprise this time marks that our group has become a fast-growing innovative enterprise and a leader in the industry. This is a high affirmation of our achievements. Our group will use this as an opportunity to accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capabilities, steadily expand the scale of operations, improve operating efficiency, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and contribute more to the economic development of the province!

Congratulations To Shandong Lvbei For Being Named The 2020 Shandong Province Leader Enterprise