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10Kw Runoff Hydropower Station Installation

Time:2016/5/7 16:29:09

Characteristics of 10Kw Runoff  Hydropower Station Installation

1. Unlike turgo turbine which operate in opening system, this type of turbine operated in closed system. In other words, pipe inlet and pipe outlet, which is more easy to install.

2.Unlike vertical turgo turbine, this turbine is horizental. Vertical turbine is water lubricated, while this new type radial flow turbine has a separate oil lubrication system ensuring a more reliable system.

3. Turbine and generator are separated, which is more easy to maintan;

4. Brushless induction generator has no brush and is more easy to maintain, besides the voltage is more stable than permanent megnetic generator.

5. Turbine has 2 bearing, generator has 2 bearing, which is more reliable than conventional axial turbine.

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